Content Marketing That Brings Customers!

Content Marketing With A Focus On The Marketing

InfoPortal is one of the few agencies on the planet that can guarantee results from our content marketing, because we understand that your message won’t be heard without putting it in front of people that will listen.

Content Marketing is typically enacted with the erroneous mentality of “if we build it then they will come” or “make great content” and then sit back and wait for something to happen. While making great content is awesome advice it will more times than not never generate an ROI for your company or even contribute to brand awareness.

We have engineered some of the best content marketing strategies on the web and it boils down to two primary infrastructural setups, each one different but equally effective based on the business model and our marketing goals.

How Do We Do It?

We leverage our healthy relationship with over 12,000 content publishing sites and platforms like Wikipedia, Forbes, Google itself, and many more niche and authoritative platforms that allow us to broadcast your message and generate targeted traffic. We use an outreach strategy that when coupled with our high expectations for quality content creation makes for some of the most impactful reading on the web.

Having people access your content from these platforms creates instant credibility and increases the likelihood of people actually clicking through to your website and engaging with your brand after the fact.

A second method that we have been using for years with repeatable success is our onsite content creation that works harmoniously with an amplification process headed by our team of social experts and content marketing specialists. It is not just about making great content if no one ever sees it. We craft consumable, sharable content and amplify its reach through a blended multi-channel marketing campaign.