Lead Generation Services With Near-Instant Results!

Do you want targeted leads for your business, NOW?

We can generate qualified leads for your business within 2 weeks, guaranteed!

Being a business, we understand the importance of leads. Not campaigns with empty promises or rolling the dice on something that could or could not work. Everything we do here at XSynesis is results driven so it only makes sense that we have a plethora of strategies to generate leads for our clients.

We step outside the realm of traditional online lead gen thus opening doors for opportunities that a majority of agencies leave untapped. Below you see a typical, yes this is a repeatable process we put in place for hundreds of clients, report of us sending over 800 hyper targeted visitors to a landing page in two weeks. $.20 per targeted visitor that already has an interest in your services.


Our lead generation campaigns are a great fit for any company whether you already drive massive amounts of traffic online, or you are just looking to get your feet wet when it comes to promoting your business on the interwebs. We guarantee we can increase the amount of leads coming in and optimize the campaign to garner those leads cheaper than ever before.

If you are looking to skip the technical jargon, avoid taking risks with your business’s online presence, and speed up the process in which your business can start closing targeted leads, then get in touch and we can open the floodgate of leads that will have your business performing like never before.